Newbridge, Co. Kildare – Great Connell Priory

At the site of what was originally one of the wealthiest and largest monasteries in Ireland, all that remains now is a couple of crumbling walls and a small overgrown graveyard. There isn’t even a sign at the road to indicate the location of the site despite its past importance in history.


These priory ruins once contained the remains of Walter Wellesley who was Bishop of Kildare 1529-1539. His tomb was moved to St. Brigid’s Cathedral, Kildare in the 1970’s where it can still be viewed.


The graveyard is mostly 19th century and is quite small with just over 30 plots recorded. Although from my online research it appears to have been cleaned up previously c. 2008, nature is taking over again..though I have seen worse!


Entrance gate to graveyard


a railed in plot with two headstones
View from inside the gate

Thankfully the Kildare Archaeological Society  did a survey of the site  in 2008 and you can find a site map and the inscriptions of all headstones on their website

Below are some more photos of headstones which were visible on the day I visited.

















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